Geothermal Energy Consulting
& PROJECT Management | Project Development Support

Reno EnERGY CONSULTING for the Electric Power generation Industry

Our extensive histories within the power generation industry have given us the necessary experience, knowledge and skills which are pivotal for the completion and success of geothermal energy projects in the United States. Our combined experiences have fully prepared us to provide developers, operators, and owners with accurate and calibrated energy consulting in Reno & throughout the United States. We’ll help see a geothermal project completely through each phase including geothermal asset management, project development support, and geothermal wellfield audit services.

Power Plant and GEOTHERMAL Wellfield audit

Manuel Weyman Group, Inc. has expertise and experience in most aspects of geothermal project services throughout the United States, including:
• Power plant and geothermal wellfield auditing
• Downhole line-shaft or ESP pump selection, evaluation, and monitoring
• Power cycle (binary, single or dual-flash, hybrid) analysis and optimization
• PV solar integration with existing geothermal operations
• Geothermal well design, drilling, completion and remedial operations
• Well testing design, procurement, execution, evaluation and reporting
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Power Project Development Support

Manuel Weyman Group, Inc. also offers support within the following project development areas:
Project financing and development technical support
Budget preparation; capital project cost estimation; comparison of alternatives
Feasibility studies (projects and/or processes)
Request for Proposal (RFP) processes (preparation, selection, and response evaluation)
Contract development and negotiation
Procurement activities (vendor/supplier evaluation, monitoring, quality control)
Evaluation of systems/equipment alternatives (economic/technical)
Equipment specification development
Power cycle analysis and optimization
Plant instrumentation and control system support
Plant and/or equipment performance testing

Project Management

At Manuel Weyman Group, Inc. we provide project management services for large, multi-year geothermal projects, covering the full spectrum of exploration, development, engineering, construction, commissioning, operations and maintenance through our geothermal energy consulting. We also manage shorter projects that are focused on specific geothermal needs and requirements.
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Asset Management

Manuel Weyman Group, Inc. has extensive experience within the areas of geothermal energy asset management services, including due diligence of power generation assets in support of project financings or acquisitions, evaluation and management of assets to support restructuring. We also have years of experience in performing power plant audits which gauge plant and/or business management performance.
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