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Fred Manuel and Roland Weyman co-founded Manuel Weyman Group, Inc. in 2016 in order to apply their extensive knowledge and experience to support companies working within the global geothermal industry including developers, project finance entities, engineering and construction companies, asset owners and operators.

Manuel Weyman Group, Inc. has broad power industry knowledge, as well as specific and focused technical and business management knowledge and skills. Our power generation knowledge encompasses geothermal, combined cycle, and solar power generation; as well as geothermal, oil and gas drilling operations, and mining. We also have strong skills and experience associated with project management (including projects  exceeding US $650 million each). Our experience in management of geothermal and gas-fired generating assets includes 136 generating facilities with a total power capacity of 34,590 MW.

As the home to many leading geothermal companies and organizations such as the Great Basin Center for Geothermal Energy, northern Nevada is considered by many to be an international center for geothermal energy development and production. Our office is located right in the hub - in Reno, Nevada. We are within a day’s drive to the majority of the USA’s geothermal power plants and major geothermal fields. 

We have a clear understanding of the various phases of power projects, from project inception through commissioning and we understand the important areas of concern within each phase while successfully mitigating project risks accordingly. Manuel Weyman Group also has vast international experience and a strong desire to serve both the US and international markets.
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Fred Manuel

I have a mechanical engineering degree from Vanderbilt University (1980), am a licensed professional engineer (PE) in the State of Nevada, and am a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®) by the Project Management Institute. The majority of my experience is in the oil and gas, geothermal, and gas-turbine power industries, with a focus on geothermal power. I enjoy applying the knowledge and experience gained from my 40-year career to help clients. Along with this, I also enjoy continuing to develop my skills and knowledge, keeping abreast of the latest developments within the renewable power industry. Fundamentally, I favor solving diverse technical and managerial problems and I particularly enjoy applying my skills to meet new and/or unique challenges. I also enjoy working on international projects including time spent in-country. Over my career I have developed a strong synergy of technical and managerial skills, knowledge and real-world experience by working directly for many of the largest global power project developers such as Chevron, CalEnergy, Calpine, Advanced Power Projects and Gradient Resources. 

I have held diverse technical and engineering roles such as drilling, production, and reservoir engineer, drilling supervisor on land and offshore rigs, power plant operations engineer, and senior positions such as senior vice president (engineering and construction) and Chief Technical Officer (CTO). I have also held managerial level positions from plant manager up to and including Senior Vice President and Chief Operations Officer (COO) in both US and international locations for major power project developers. I have held the senior managerial position at many of the largest geothermal projects in the U.S., including Coso (CalEnergy), Imperial Valley (CalEnergy), and The Geysers (Calpine). 

From 1980 to 1987, I gained hands-on drilling, production, and reservoir engineering experience. In 1987, I took a position as operations engineer at Chevron’s Desert Peak Geothermal Project near Reno, Nevada. In 1991, when the project was acquired by CalEnergy Company, Inc., Chevron transferred me to San Ramon, California as an offshore engineer. From 1991 to 1997, I held increasingly responsible management positions, including the position of Vice President, U.S. Operations. In 1997, still with CalEnergy, I relocated to Jakarta, Indonesia, as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Asia where I was responsible for geothermal resource development, plant and wellfield engineering, drilling, construction, and environmental  compliance. In 2000, Calpine asked that I take the position of Senior Vice President, Gas Operations and in 2006 I formed Manuel Energy Inc. and shortly after relocated to Kuwait. In 2008 I returned to the United States and continued working in geothermal energy, and eventually created Manuel Weyman Group with fellow engineer, Roland Weyman.

Some of my experience has allowed me to take lead technical and managerial positions for international projects within Indonesia, the Philippines, and Kuwait. I’ve really enjoyed the international projects I’ve been a part of and I have even resided in Jakarta, Indonesia and Kuwait City, Kuwait. To date I have traveled to twenty-one countries.  
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Roland Weyman

I have degrees in chemical engineering and chemistry from University of Colorado (1979) and my experience includes 26 years within geothermal power and mining. Following graduation, I accepted a U.S. Navy commission and remained on active duty for 11 years. I then began my career in the geothermal industry in 1991 with CalEnergy, serving in engineering and management roles through 2003. I’ve also worked for AMEC as a lead I&C engineer, project manager, and pre-commissioning manager through 2007. I continued to work with AMEC as a consultant on geothermal and mining projects through 2009 and in 2010, I accepted a position as Sr. Engineer with Gradient Resources. Most of my experience is in process design, power engineering, construction, and O&M, with a primary focus on geothermal operations, project management, and project-wide asset management. 

Following eleven (11) years of service with the United States Navy, I joined Magma Power Company (Red Hill Geothermal) as a plant engineer and project engineer at the company’s facilities near Brawley, California in 1992. Over the period assigned, I successfully completed twenty-two (22) capital projects with sole responsibility for planning, design oversight, budgeting, and execution. I also successfully completed four (4) major facility overhauls while acting as Overhaul Coordinator. In 2000, Mr. Weyman was appointed as project manager for the $57 million expansion of CalEnergy’s Vulcan facility at the Salton Sea complex. At the completion of the project through 2003, he continued to serve as a contracts administrator while fulfilling other project management and project engineering roles for the other facilities. 

For the period 2005-2009, I worked for AMEC, Mining and Metals Division (Phoenix, Arizona, USA) where I would complete lift station design at a surface copper mine (Arizona), pre-commissioning manager at a greenfield gold/copper concentrator facility (Nevada), instrumentation and controls manager for a major refurbishment of a copper/molybdenum concentrator (Arizona), and design of a municipal water system. In 2009, I joined AltaRock Energy as a site coordinator to oversee construction of an experimental project at Northern California Power Authority (NCPA) Unit 2, however, the project was cancelled due to technical issues. Following this employment, Mr. Weyman became an independent consultant and immediately began work for Vulcan Power Company (Bend, Oregon USA) in development of several geothermal lease properties in northern Nevada. 

I like to focus on the practical application of conceptual design to complete a viable and profitable project. Being a manager in these industries has given me great insight into the proper ways to manage projects and assets (people, materials, and time) to deliver desired results. I also enjoy problem solving, as well as the understanding one receives, in taking on a challenging project. 
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