Geothermal Project Management

geothermal consulting

LIFECYCLE or Targeted GEOTHERMAL Project Management 


• Scope definition
• Schedule definition
• Budgeting
• Contracts
• Change management
• Scope controls
• Recovery planning
• Cost controls
• Provider evaluation
• Stakeholder relations
• Task definition/WBS
• Task duration
• Quality control
• Vendor evaluation
• Communications
• Task sequencing
• Resource analysis
• Cost/value metrics
• Procurement
• Risk management
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Manuel Weyman Group, Inc. geothermal consultants can assist with project management and consulting during each of these stages:


Due diligence research and/or reviews of historical field exploration activities including surface and subsurface surveys and drilling activities (e.g. past “slim-hole” and/or temperature gradient well drilling)
Planning and coordination of immediate and future exploration activities (activities provided by third parties)


Due diligence of power generation assets in support of project financing or acquisitions
Interface with project stakeholders regarding resource and drilling technical matters
Systems and equipment alternatives evaluation (both economic and technical)
Project financing and development technical support
Review and assessment of geothermal well design
Technical support for drilling operations, including well completion
Budget preparation; capital cost estimate; alternatives comparison
Asset evaluation and management
Risk management and mitigation
Change management strategy
Stakeholder communications
Project feasibility studies


Power cycle (binary, flash, or hybrid) analysis
Lender or owner’s engineering support
PV solar integration with geothermal operations
Equipment specifications/data sheet development
Procurement activities (vendor/supplier evaluation, monitoring, quality controls)
Request for Proposal (RFP) and bid processes including evaluation and selection
Geothermal downhole pump selection, evaluation, and monitoring
Well test design, procurement, execution, evaluation, and reporting


Schedule analysis and optimization
Earned value analysis
Quality controls


Power plant audits (plant or management performance)
Plant instrumentation and control system support
Plant or equipment performance testing
Power plant and geothermal wellfield audit management
Power cycle optimization
Failure analysis/forensics


Maintenance best practices evaluation
Maintenance management system analysis and integration
Geothermal well workover management.
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