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Geothermal power generation has been successfully produced for decades. While it remains one of the best sources of baseload “green” power, there are many factors which can limit or inhibit geothermal project execution. At Manuel Weyman Group, Inc., we believe there are fundamental principles in project design, execution, and operation, which when employed, provide the best outcome for a profitable project.

As professional engineers who are familiar with the electric power generation industry, we knew there was a need for our skills and knowledge within the geothermal industry. We had worked together effectively for many years on geothermal projects, going back to the early 1990’s, and had a mutual respect for each other’s skills, management and technical knowledge, work ethics and values. This led to the establishment of Manuel Weyman Group, Inc. in 2016 and has inspired the geothermal consulting services we offer today. While our energy consulting office is headquartered in Reno, NV, we are proud to offer our geothermal asset and project management services to markets across the U.S. and internationally. 

Our Mission & Goals

Working with owners, developers, and operators to drive success within the industry to advance geothermal power generation technology is one of our chief goals. Dealing with power generation for as long as we have has given us a great insight into the industry needs. We provide geothermal project and asset management as well as the best energy consulting Reno has to offer. This allows us to properly assess your company’s methods and procedures to provide you with ideal and effective solutions. Another goal the Manuel Weyman Group is to develop the next generation of geothermal project professionals to continue advancement of geothermal power generation technology, whether it involves existing operations or new, greenfield projects. As Reno geothermal consultants with extensive histories in mechanical and chemical engineering, we strive to provide our clients with substantial service options depending on their specific needs.

Geothermal Consulting and Management Services

As the founders of Manuel Weyman Group, Inc., we have extensive backgrounds in mechanical engineering and chemical engineering which makes us ideal geothermal consultants. As a result, our combined knowledge and expertise allows us to provide quality energy consulting in Reno as well as several management services that will help to successfully carry out your project. 

Geothermal Consulting & Management Services Include:

Geothermal Power Plant and Wellfield

We have the expertise and experience in most aspects of geothermal project services such as power plant and geothermal wellfield audits.
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Power Project Development Support

We provide project development support including financing and budget preparation, as well as evaluating and analyzing the project goals for optimization purposes.
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Geothermal Project Management

We provide inclusive geothermal project management services for large, multi-year geothermal projects, and shorter projects focused on specific geothermal needs.
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Geothermal Asset Management

We have extensive experience within the areas of geothermal asset management services and also have years of experience in performing power plant audits.
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Applying Our Knowledge & Experience

Between the two company principals, we have over 80 years of career experience which has given us the opportunity to do more with our collected knowledge. Together, we are are able to provide each of our clients with the best energy consulting in Reno by applying appropriate technical knowledge, power generation managerial knowledge, and knowledge of reputable people and companies within the industry. Our combined experience and abilities allow us to provide assistance throughout all phases of your project including:


Well Drilling

Conceptual design and optimization/applications of geothermal technologies, wellfield gathering system engineering and construction


Completion and Remedial operations

Power plant engineering and construction, commissioning, operations and maintenance.

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Providing Effective Solutions is Our Specialty

With our experience and expertise in the power generation industry, we feel confident in our abilities to help you manage your project and see it through to completion. Not only will we work with you to accomplish your goals with our Reno geothermal consulting and geothermal asset and project management services, but we’ll also provide you with the tools you need for your project to be successful and prosperous. We strive to use our knowledge to help you with every aspect of your project from planning, managing and budgeting, to execution, development and construction.

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